Welcom to the city of TUSUKUBA


International city Tsukuba


Excellent location and natural environment

Tsukuba City is located approx. 50 km from Tokyo, only 45 min. by Tsukuba Express line (express railway) and 60 min. by car, which is an excellent accessibility from the central area of Tokyo. The topography is rather flat covered with rich nature, such as Mt. Tsukuba at the north which is familiar to many people, and Lake Kasumigaura at the east which is the second largest lake in Japan. The climate is relatively warm throughout the year, which makes a very comfortable environment.


Tsukuba Science City

Tsukuba Science City was built in order to ease congestion of Tokyo and to conduct high-level research and education by transferring national research and development, and educational institutions systematically. The city is now the largest science technology accumulation site among the country, where more than 300 public and private institutions and enterprises are located.


Cultivating innovation and making social contributions

Tsukuba Science City, which has the high-level research and educational institutions, has cultivated many achievements such as producing several Novel Prizes winners, but recently the city is going through a greater change. In 2011, Tsukuba was designated the "Comprehensive Special Zone for International Competitiveness Development" which is an important growth strategy measure of Japan. The city will take this opportunity to promote projects that leads to create innovation by making the best use of science technology and human resources accumulated in the city.


Attracting people from all over the world

Many foreigners such as researchers and exchange students who seek for high-level experiences and opportunities gather in Tsukuba. Approx. 7,000 foreign residents of more than 120 nationalities live here, and including short stay visitors for business or attending international conferences, Tsukuba is an excellent city where attracting people from all over the world show their abilities.
Tsukuba offers various services to support the living of foreign residents with different languages and customs.


Fostering next generation

Tsukuba City has set a goal of "Best Education in Japan", and has introduced its own education curriculum in 2012, which emphasizes on environment, international understanding, information and communication technology, and science technology education, aiming to provide the best education in Japan. Also, at Tsukuba International School located in the city, many foreign children receive education based on the international baccalaureate programme.


Attractive, safe and convenient city

Tsukuba City was designed to be and is assessed to be one of the most convenient and suitable cities for child-raising in Japan.
Surrounded by the richly green environment, there are 146 parks in the city connected with a 48 km "pedestrian-only path" that assures the safety of citizens and the beautiful scenery. There are various city facilities including an art museum and a library along the Tsukuba Koen Dori (Tsukuba Park Street), the central area of the path.
At "Matsuri Tsukuba", a large festival held in August, you may enjoy Tsukuba's summer day with Japanese traditional performance and "Omikoshi (portable shrine)" parade. At "Tsukuba International Music Festival" held every autumn, famous classical artists from both Japan and abroad captivate audiences with a series of beautiful performances.