Welcom to the city of TUSUKUBA


Message from the Mayor


Welcome to Tsukuba, Japan!!

Rice paddies and Mt

Tsukuba is the largest research institution accumulation city in Japan, where many researchers and enterprises are actively involved. On the other hand, Tsukuba is also a garden city which enjoys rich natural environment such as Mt. Tsukuba, a valuable historical and cultural asset and "Satoyama". It is only Tsukuba where the cutting-edge research activities coexist with the idyllic scenery, even if I searched all over the country. Many people who visited the city have been fascinated by this unique environment of Tsukuba.

In fact, foreign residents who live in Tsukuba City are increasing year by year. Approximately 9,000 foreign residents of approximately 140 nationalities reside in the city. About half of them are concerned in research and academic areas such as researcher, exchange students, and their families.

Tsukuba Space Center

The reason why so many foreign residents reside in the city is because the university and the institutions provide well-developed acceptance system, and there also are many Japanese citizens that have the experience of living abroad who enhance volunteer activities supporting foreigners.

Recently, the access to the central area of Tokyo and Narita International Airport improved drastically due to the railway and expressway constructions.Tsukuba is also a treasury of food where we can buy fresh and delicious rice and vegetables grown by rich nature. Tsukuba city offers an excellent living environment with the highest level of education in the country and convenient urban space.

So why don't you come visit such an attractive city, Tsukuba? Tsukuba's science, nature and people are all looking forward to welcoming you.

Mayor of Tsukuba