Welcom to the city of TUSUKUBA


Tax and Insurance




Municipal Tax Division

Residential tax, light motor vehicles tax etc.

City Hall 2F, No.33

Property Tax Division

Tax on your property such as land, house etc.

City Hall 2F, No.34

Tax Collection Division

How to pay tax

City Hall 2F, No.31
Mon-Fri 8:30-17:15
*Sat, Sun―Tax payment and certificate issuance service only (City Hall 1F)
Sat, Sun, Holidays, Dec.29-Jan.3

Individual Residential Tax (Municipal Tax・Prefectural Tax)

You must pay the tax to the municipality where you have registered as resident as of January 1st of each year. The amount of tax is based on the total income of the previous year.
Please submit the Resident Tax Return to the city hall during the period of Feb.16 to Mar.15. If you fail to submit the Resident Tax Return, you may not be able to issue necessary certificates.
※It is not necessary to submit the resident tax return if

  1. your income of the previous year is only from your company, and the company already submitted the salary payment report to the city hall
  2. you have already submitted the Final Income Tax Return (kakutei shinkoku-sho)to the tax office

How to pay individual residential tax

  1. Deduction from salary (special collection)
    Tax will be deducted from your salary each month for the year (from June to May, 12 times)
  2. Payment slip (ordinary collection)
    Payment slip will be mailed out from the city hall in the middle of June. Please pay in 4 installments (June, August, October, and next January). You may pay at post offices, banks and convenient stores, or you may pay through account transfer.

When leaving Japan, please contact the city hall.


Light motor vehicles tax

Those who own a light motor vehicle (vehicle under 600cc) or motorbikes must pay the annual amount of tax (total amount from April to next March) in May. The payment slip will be mailed out in May.

You must go through procedures

  1. when the registered address of vehicle or motorbike changes
  2. when you give or sell your vehicle or motorbike (when the owner changes)

There may be cases when procedures cannot be taken at the City Hall, so please contact the city hall for further information and required documents.

When leaving Japan, you must go through cancellation/change of the ownership procedures.


Property tax and City planning tax

Persons who own land, housing and/or depreciable property in Tsukuba city as of January 1st must pay the tax.

How to pay property tax and city planning tax

The payment slip will be mailed out in the middle of April. Please pay in 4 installments (April, July, December and next February).


Tax payment

Where to pay tax

Please pay at a bank, Yucho bank, post office, or convenience store with your payment slip

Make sure to pay before the deadline written on the payment slip.

If you use the account transfer payment, you need not go to the designated places to pay tax, and you may also prevent overdue tax.

If you fail to pay tax by the deadline for payment

A reminder notice will be sent from the City Hall. Your saving deposits, salary, or property may be seized (disposition of delinquency). Not only the necessary tax but you may also have to pay a delinquency charge in addition.

When moving out (or leaving Japan), make sure to check for tax payment.


Certificates regarding tax

Required documents

Identification (such as residence card, alien registration card, passport or driver's license)

Service fee

200 yen per item

Types of certificates

Certificate of Tax Payment → Tax Collection Division
Taxation Certificate, Tax Exemption Certificate, Income Certificate → Municipal Tax Division
Assessment Certification of the property → Property Tax Division