Welcom to the city of TUSUKUBA




I am going to move into Tsukuba City. What procedures should I go through?

I am going to move out of Tsukuba City (and leave Japan). What procedures should I go through?

I am going to move within Tsukuba City. What procedures should I go through?

When I leave the country, what should I do with the tax payment ?

National health insurance tax will be recalculated to pay by month, so please come to the City Hall and confirm.
Other taxes which the payment slips have been sent to you at the point must be paid before leaving Japan.
There are cases when you need to pay tax after you leave Japan depending on the departure date. Please confirm at the City Hall.

Tax and Insurance

I was told to pay tax after leaving the country. What procedures should I go through?

Before leaving Japan, go through one of the following procedures.

  1. Take procedures to decide the Tax Agent.
  2. Leave one of the bank accounts open in Japan, and take procedures to bank transfer the tax.
  3. Pay all the scheduled tax before leaving Japan.


I want to use the sports facilities!!

You can make reservations via internet.

Sports Facilities

Bicycle Rental

Where to Rent a Bicycle
-Tsukuba City Tourist Information Center, Bivi, 1st Floor, (Tsukuba Station Bus Terminal)
-Tsukuba-san-guchi Bus Stop of Tsuku-Bus North Shuttle

Rental Fees
Adult: 500 yen/day
Child (primary school children and under): 250 yen/day

What is Tsuku-bus/Tsuku-taku?

Bus "Tsuku-bus" and Taxi "Tsuku-taku" that runs within Tsukuba City

I want to drive a car!!

You need a driver's license which allows you to drive in Japan. There are 3 options.

  • Obtain a International driver's license
  • Obtain a Japanese license on the basis of the driver's license of your home country
  • Obtain a Japanese driver's license

Driver's License Center of Ibaraki Prefectural Police 【TEL】029-293-8060

Is there an international school?

There are 2 nursery schools in Tsukuba, Kids International Tsukuba and TINS (Tsukuba International Nursery School).
As for primary school, there are 3 schools, Instituto Educare, TIS(Tsukuba International School), and LIS(Liberty International School).

Kids International Tsukuba

TINS (Tsukuba International Nursery School)

TIS (Tsukuba International School)

Instituto Educare

LIS (Liberty International School)

I want to engage in volunteer activities!!

Register as a volunteer! You may find activities taking advantage of your language skill!

Tsukuba International Association 【TEL】029-869-7675

What should I do for doctors/hospitals on Sundays/holidays?

You can search for doctors/hospitals open on Sundays/holidays.


I want to work!!

Please consult at Hello Work.

Hello Work

I want some information about foreign residents in Tsukuba City!!

You can exchange information with Taira.


I need consultation in foreign languages!

There are consultation centers.

Consultation Services in Foreign Languages

I want to learn Japanese!!

Join the Japanese classes.

Japanese Classes

I want to go through procedures for VISA (residency). Where is the nearest immigration bureau?

Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau

5-5-30 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5796-7111
Take the bus bound for "Shinagawa futo junkan" or "Tokyo Nyukoku Kanrikyoku Orikaeshi" from JR Shinagawa station Konan Exit. Get off the bus at "Tokyo Nyukoku Kanrikyoku Mae (In front of Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau)"

地図 MAP

Mito Branch Office (Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau)

3rd Prince Building 1F, 2-9-12 Jonan, Mito, Ibaraki
5 minute walk from JR Joban line Mito station South exit

地図 MAP

Immigration Bureau of Japan