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Resident records・Seal Registration



Citizen Services Division

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Resident records

Resident record is also made for foreign residents (for those who are eligible for residence card issuance and those who are special permanent residents etc.).
Resident record is a certificate which records and verifies information such as address, households (not only those who live together but also who share livelihood), and householders (representative of the household or the main person who earn the livelihood) which is the basis of seal registration, national health insurance, and taxes.

Foreign residents eligible for resident records

  • Medium to long-term residents (those who are eligible for residence card)
  • Special permanent residents
  • Persons granted permission for temporary refuge or provisional stay
  • Persons who may continue to stay transitionally in Japan by birth or those who have lost Japanese nationality

※Resident record will not be made for foreign residents other than those above.

Resident record notification

If there is any change in address or household composition, the identical person or a representative must submit a notification form. If a person other than the member of the same household comes as a representative, a letter of proxy is necessary. [Sample of a letter of proxy]

Notification is free of charge.

If you are moving out of the city or the country, please submit the "Notification for moving out" beforehand.

Issuance of the copy of the Resident record

Those who need a copy of the resident record or the certificate of the registered items on the resident record, please bring some kind of identification (residence card, special permanent resident certificate etc.). If a person other than the member of the same household comes as a representative, a letter of proxy is necessary. [Sample of a letter of proxy]
You may also ask for the issuance via mail. In that case, please contact the division about the required documents beforehand. The handling fee is 200 yen per copy.


Seal Registration

For seal registration, bring the seal to be registered and identification, and submit the seal registration application form.

Those who are eligible for seal registration

Anyone who is registered in the Basic Resident Register of Tsukuba City
(Persons under 15 and adult wards CANNOT register.)

Restriction of the registered seal

You may only register 1 seal per person.
(Person of the same household CANNOT register the same seal.)

[Seal that cannot be registered]

  1. Seals smaller than 8mm square, or larger than 25mm square
  2. Seals with matters other than your name, such as address, occupation, or qualification etc.
  3. Seals made of plastic, rubber or other materials that could change shape easily
  4. Seals with imprints that are unclear, illegible, or chipped off
  5. Seals that are engraved inversely

What to bring for seal registration application

  • Seal to be registered
  • Identification with photo issued by the civil services such as driver's license, passport, residence card, and etc. (If the identification is not issued by the civil services, you may not be able to receive the seal registration certificate on the day.)

※If you do not have the identification or if a representative (a letter of proxy necessary) applies on your behalf, a confirmation letter will be mailed to you after you apply for the seal registration. When you receive the letter, fill in the response sheet and bring it with your registered seal to complete the registration.

When registration has been completed, you will be issued a seal registration card.

Issuance of the seal registration certificate

To receive the issuance of the seal registration certificate, please fill in the "seal registration certificate issuance application form", and apply with your seal registration card. Identification such as driver's license, passport and residence card will be necessary.