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Continuous use of daycare services for FY2022

November 2, 2021 9:20 AM | Child-raising

The pink envelope will be provided from your child's daycare center.
If you wish to continue to use childcare services at the current daycare center from April, FY2022, please follow the instructions in the document enclosed in the envelope and complete the procedure. *The documents are written in Japanese.
If you are planning to change the daycare center, you will still need to complete this procedure. Without completing it, your child will have to leave the current daycare center even if he/she is not accepted at the daycare center that you wish him/her to enroll.

Important points to note;
1. If your child enrolled or changed daycare centers after 1st, October, you do not have to complete the procedure. (The pink envelope will not be provided.)
2. Submit the document to the current daycare center.
3. Submission deadline is 26th, November, though there might be some daycare centers asking for an earlier submission.
4. In case of a delayed submission, please contact both your child's daycare center and Childcare Institutions Management Division.

Counter No.1, 1st Floor, Childcare Institutions Management Division,
Children's Services Department, Tsukuba City Hall
TEL:029-883-1111 *Only available in Japanese.

If you need any assistance but can not contact your proxy to complete the procedure, please contact Tsukuba One-stop Inquiry Desk for Foreign Residents (029-883-1313).

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