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Health check for children starting school in April, 2022

October 22, 2021 4:33 PM | Child-raising

Children starting elementary school or compulsory education school in 2022 are required to take health check according to the following schedule.
Please bring your child to the designated school for health check with a health check coupon.

[shine]Children born between April 2, 2015 and April 1, 2016 are eligible for the health check.[shine]

Tsukuba City sent health check coupons at the end of September. If you have not received a coupon, please call the following number.
Tsukuba One-stop Inquiry Desk for Foreign Residents

Below is a photo of a health check coupon sent from Tsukuba City

Schedule of health check for clidren starting school (PDF, Only available in Japanese) 

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