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Multilingual Newsletter Autumn 2021 is now available!

September 15, 2021 4:20 PM | Downloads

You can download below.
English Newsletter 2021.pdf

● Locations for the paper multilingual newsletters
The paper multilingual newsletter is also available at the following locations.
Please feel free to take a copy.
・BiVi Tsukuba Tsukuba general information center つくば総合インフォメーションセンター
 1st floor (Tourist information) and 2nd floor (Exchange salon) 1階(観光案内)、2階(交流サロン) 
・Tsukuba International Association つくば国際交流協会
 Tsukuba Innovation Plaza,1-10-1,Azuma,Tsukuba
・Kenkyū-gakuen Station (out of ticket gates) 研究学園駅 改札外
・Bampaku-kinenkōen Station (out of ticket gates)万博記念公園駅 改札外
・Midorino Station (out of ticket gates)みどりの駅 改札前
・iias Tsukuba (north side 4th floor)イーアスつくば(北側4階)

● Other language newsletters and backnumbers
You can find other language newsletters and backnumbers from the "Download" page.

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