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For pregnant women who wish to receive COVID-19 vaccination

September 1, 2021 9:12 AM | Others

Based on some research suggesting that pregnant women are at increased risk for severe illness with COVID-19, especially during their later weeks of pregnancy, Tsukuba City is going to organize vaccination so that pregnant women can get vaccinated earlier if they wish.

[clover]Eligible persons
Those who meet all of the following requirements:
1. Tsukuba residents who are pregnant.
2. Those who are unable to get vaccinated at their maternity clinic.
3. Those who were recommended to get vaccinated by their doctor.

[clover]Vaccination Details
Vaccination site: Tsukuba Gakuen Hospital (2573-1 Kamiyokoba)
Vaccination date: Sunday, September 12 or Saturday, September 18
A second dose will be given three weeks after the first dose.
Please note that the appointment date and time cannot be specified.

The vaccine offered will be Pfizer.

[clover]How to apply
Appointment will be accepted from Wednesday, September 1 ,at 12:00 p.m.
Please apply via "Ibaraki Denshi Shinsei(いばらき電子申請)" below.
Tsukuba city will inform you of vaccination date and time by e-mail after completing the application process.
Click above link and scroll down to click "同意する" at the bottom of first page to proceed.

[clover]What to bring on the day of vaccination
1. Vaccination voucher
2. Identification card
3. Maternal and Child Health Handbook
Pregnant women with underlying medical condition are required to bring their prescription record book (called "Okusuri-techo") with them. They are also required to tell the doctor about their specific medical condition as well as what kind of medication they are on at their COVID-19 pre-vaccination screening.

To cancel your appointment on the day of vaccination due to not feeling well or other reasons, contact Tsukuba Gakuen Hospital directly.
To cancel at least one day prior to your appointment, contact Tsukuba City from the inquiry form at the bottom of the following linked page where it says "お問い合わせは専用フォームをご利用ください"(only available in Japanese).
How to cancel vaccination appointment for pregnant person.(PDF)
Please note that if you cancel your appointment, we will not be able to make a new appointment for you.

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