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Mayor's comment regarding national state of emergency (August 18, 2021)

August 19, 2021 5:00 PM | Others

[Provisional translation]

The central government has expanded its state of emergency to additional prefectures including Ibaraki Prefecture. The state of emergency will remain in effect from Friday, August 20 to Sunday, September 12. Please note that Tsukuba City has been already designated as an area subject to intensive COVID measures until Thursday, August 19. During the state of emergency, Ibaraki Governor Oigawa requests that citizens continue to avoid non-essential travel and for bars, restaurants, and large commercial facilities to shorten business hours. Furthermore, he urged bars and restaurants that have not yet stopped offering alcohol and karaoke services to close for the duration of the state of emergency.

At a press conference today (August 18), the Governor also announced that the Prefecture would be under the national state of emergency, as well as the prefectural state of emergency already in place from Monday, August 16 to Tuesday August 31. He added that there would be no contradiction whatsoever regarding having two states of emergency in parallel.

Once again, this is a very serious situation where COVID-19 cases continue to rise both in Tsukuba City and Ibaraki Prefecture, burdening the general healthcare system. In order to stop the spread of infection by any means during the states of emergency, we sincerely ask our residents and businesses to cooperate with these requests and to redouble efforts to prevent the spread of infection.

Tatsuo Igarashi

Mayor of Tsukuba

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