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Mayor's comment regarding implementation of intensive COVID measures by Ibaraki Governor (August 5, 2021)

August 10, 2021 9:09 AM | Others

[Provisional translation]

At a press conference today (August 5), Ibaraki Governor Oigawa announced that based on the central government's decision to implement intensive COVID measures in Ibaraki Prefecture, he would designate 38 municipalities including Tsukuba City as an area subject to such measures. The measures are expected to be in place from August 8 (Sun) to 31 (Tue). The Governor requested all the residents to avoid non-essential travel and to avoid activities which increase the risk of infection during this period. He also urged all restaurants and bars in the Prefecture to shorten opening hours (and not to serve alcohol at all), and all large commercial facilities to take relevant measures in addition to shortening of opening hours.

Specifically, he asked restaurants and bars, and large commercial facilities to close from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Ibaraki Prefecture will provide them with subsidies if they cooperate with this request for the entire period. Please note that Ibaraki Prefecture is under its own state of emergency on August 6 (Fri) and 7 (Sat).

As the Governor pointed out, the highly transmittable Delta variant is causing a surge in COVID-19 cases both in Ibaraki Prefecture and the Tokyo metropolitan area, making the situation even more serious. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause for our residents and businesses. However, we would like to kindly ask for your cooperation in these requests and continue to thoroughly observe appropriate preventative measures so that we can overcome this crisis together.

Tatsuo Igarashi

Mayor of Tsukuba

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