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Comment from the Mayor Regarding Ibaraki Prefecture's Own State of Emergency (January 15, 2021)

January 19, 2021 5:01 AM | Others

[Provisional Translation]

At a press conference on Friday, Ibaraki Governor Oigawa declared a Prefectural State of Emergency, as well as announcing that the Prefecture would raise its COVID-19 response level to Stage 4. The State of Emergency will take effect from Monday, January 18 to Sunday, February 7. The Governor made requests to the entire Prefecture to continue to avoid non-essential travel, and to all restaurants and bars in the Prefecture to withhold services between 8pm and 5pm (and to stop serving alcohol at 7pm). Ibaraki Prefecture intends to provide a subsidy of 840,000 yen per restaurant/bar, if they cooperate in the request to close early for the entire period. Also, Ibaraki Prefecture announced that in principle, it will close all Prefectural-owned facilities.

For the period from Monday, January 18 to Sunday, February 7, Tsukuba City will cancel or postpone some of its events and projects and take the following measures.

・Events co-organized by the City
In principle, all events will be cancelled or postponed except for events with a low risk of infection such as events streamed online. Details of events will be updated on the City's official website.

・Public Facilities
In principle, facilities for rent - such as Capio, Nova Hall, civic halls, community building of Tsukuba City Hall, community centers, Fureai Plaza - will be closed. However, Capio, Nova Hall, civic halls and ALS Hall will be open for rent for online streaming without an audience. For sports facilities, indoor facilities will be closed, while night-time opening hours of outdoor facilities will be restricted. The details of each facility will be updated on the City's official website.

・Response for Schools
Schools will remain open as usual. However, in response to the Prefecture's request, school sport events, training matches and training camps will be cancelled. Also, school sports facilities will not be open for external activity.

In Ibaraki prefecture, a record 159 people were found positive on Friday and in Tsukuba City, there were 7 positive cases (of these, 5 people were confirmed positive following close contact with infected persons). In the press conference, the Governor shared a sense of crisis to the effect that the bed occupancy rate in the Prefecture will reach 90% in January if infection spreads at this rate with the current number of available hospital beds. We sincerely apologize for the great inconvenience this may cause for our residents. However, please continue to thoroughly observe preventative measures to stop the spread of infection so that we can overcome this crisis together.

Tatsuo Igarashi
Mayor of Tsukuba City

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