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Mayor's comment following today's announcement of governor(May 22, 2020)

May 22, 2020 10:34 PM | Others

【Provisional Translation】
Today (May 22nd), Governor Oigawa announced that the prefecture will gradually ease the regulation aiming to reactivate social activities. Under the prefectural four-stage system of exit strategy, the state of emergency will be eased from stage 3 to stage 2 from May 25th. It means we won't need to refrain from going out even at night from May 25th (Those who have high risk of getting serious symptom such as the elderly are still requested not to go out unnecessarily). The request for temporal closure of business will be limited to some business types such as live house and karaoke which close contact is difficult to avoid and the other business including gym will be reopened.

Also, outdoor events with less than 200 people and indoor events with less than 100 people are allowed to hold under a given condition. However, the request to refrain from going to the area under the state of emergency including Tokyo hasn't been eased by the prefecture.

Regarding the announcement of Ibaraki pref. above, we will amend 3 of our regulation as follows:
1. We have been asking to limit the outings in Tsukuba to a minimum till May 31st, but since the
    prefecture has eased to stage2, limiting the outings will be kept in till May 24. For elderly and
    those who may become easily severe, please continue to stay home and limit your outings.
2. Request to refrain from traveling to the Greater Tokyo Area will be released, if the Greater Tokyo
    area's state of emergency is eased.
3. Maintain physical distance from other people, wear a mask when going out and wash your hands

However, since 35,000 passengers per day move to the Greater Tokyo Area by the Tsukuba Express Line, we need to make a decision carefully to prevent the spread of infection while following the Ibaraki prefectural exit strategy. Therefore, we request to voluntarily refrain from holding the large events which participants are coming from the outside of Ibaraki and/or unspecified persons.

Regarding the schedule of reopening the public facilities, we will start accepting reservations for Civic Hall and Fureai Plaza from June and Tsukuba Capio, ARS Hall and Nova Hall are from middle of June as scheduled.

As we announced you repeatedly, we cannot get rid of the COVID-19 infection risk completely. But we believe it's necessary to reactivate social economic activities gradually under the countermeasures based on our regional characteristics. I apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate for your understanding and cooperation.

Tatsuo Igarashi
Mayor of Tsukuba

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