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Expansion of the Emergency Declaration

April 16, 2020 10:16 PM | Others

The area of declared emergency has been expanded to the whole country, including Ibaraki Prefecture.

Considering Tsukuba City's characteristics, we have already raised the alert level to that of the designated area.

Although there are no major changes or new requests to citizens as a result of this measure, we strongly ask you to keep the following again:
(1) Please keep your outings within city to minimum.
(2) Please refrain from traveling to the Greater Tokyo Area.
(3) Please quarantine yourself at home for 2 weeks, if you have no choice but to return home to Tsukuba from the Greater Tokyo Area or other urban area.

I believe that prevention of the virus from the Greater Tokyo Area is the key to curb an explosive spread of infection in Tsukuba.
I again ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Under the state of emergency, the government of Ibaraki prefecture will be able to request business closures based on the law. In the press conference of Ibaraki prefecture today, Governor Oigawa referred that plans of request to business closures and compensation will be discussed.

This is very important situation to stop the explosion of infection, we will continue to communicate closely with the prefecture.

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