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Request to all the citizens on the State of Emergency (as of April 7)

April 7, 2020 11:29 PM | Notifications and Procedures

[Provisional translation]

Prime Minister Abe declared a state of emergency today. Tsukuba City has held countermeasure meetings 31 times and taken our own measures to prepare for this state. In Kanto area, this state will be conducted in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba but Ibaraki is NOT included. However, Ibaraki is a large prefecture and the south area has a feature that many people come and go from/to the Tokyo metropolitan area.

For that reason, we consider that Tsukuba is under the same level of transmission risk with the target area and have decided to move on to one stage higher level of control right away.

This month will be very important not only for Tsukuba but also for Japan. It is the crossroad to determine whether to stop spreading infection or to make many people die as a result of explosive patient surge or medical collapse like abroad.

Please keep your outing within Tsukuba to a minimum, regardless of the time of day, or day of the week. Going out for appropriate purpose such as essential shopping or business, jogging by yourself, and playing in a park with your family can be accepted.

Some public facilities such as the Tsukuba Public Library and the Childcare Support Center will be closed from tomorrow until May 6th as well as the facilities which have been closed already. Please find more information on the website of Tsukuba City.

Above all, I sincerely ask you to refrain from traveling to the Greater Tokyo Are until May 6th unless it is absolute ly necessary. I think that the current biggest transmission risk for Tsukuba is from Tokyo where it is getting difficult to track the routes of the newly infected people.

If we go to Tokyo, there is a high risk to be infected unknowingly. The schools in Tokyo are closed, too. Though it is not possible that all companies would be closed, please consider constructing te lework system to refrain from traveling.

I feel reassured by all your cooperation. I have received much encouragement saying "We do what we can do" or "It is a hard time but we fight". I feel pain to put more burdens on you but we are preparing our own support systems for the civic life and the economy.

We respond rapidly to the problem anticipating all possibility and paying close attention on any effect on the life of each citizen. In addition, I promise to work on stop spreading infection thoroughly during this term.

At the same time, I believe that it will be the time to produce something new. te lework, which has been considered to be difficult, or online medical care have started and new connection has been produced by a group called "Umagappe Tsukuba" to introduce takeaway shops inside the city.

It also triggered to work together among mayors. I called to sevral mayors of southern part of Ibaraki prefecture and confirm to share information and to think together as long as possible considering this emergency even though it is difficult to create the same result. All mayors I talked have had the same idea. Mr. Odagawa, mayor of Tsukubamirai, has made our LINE group to share documents in each local government.

It is time for each person to show his/her own potential because we have faced difficulties. If adults stay calm, children around them will be relieved. The infection risk will significantly decrease if you refrain from traveling as much as possible and you wash your hands complete ly. I know there are so many adults in Tsukuba to take the initiative measures and to say it is all right to children or those who are very anxious. I believe that it will make them comfortable.

I strongly believe that I can greet the morning with smile on May 7th with everyone. Let's get over together!

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