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Closing of schools in the new school term(Provisional translation)

April 3, 2020 7:06 PM | 

We have decided to close schools for the time being in the new school term.
The closing period is planned from April 7 to April 19 but it can be extended.

April 6 will be a short-time school day without Shigyo-shiki (opening ceremony of new term).
Each home room teacher will make guidance and distribute new textbooks in class room.

The closing period will start from April 7 and the entrance ceremony will be postponed. However, please be noted that the students in the 1st grade and the 7th grade need to go to school to receive guidance and new textbooks. If you feel anxious about going to school on April 6 or 7, please inform your school and you will get an individual support.

Since the situation has changed considerably in the last one month, we will not accept students at school during this closing period and only the children's clubs for the primary school children will be open in principle.
However, if your child is not a member of a children's club and you have an inevitable special reason that you can't take care of your child at home, please apply for a club through the HP below by April 4, 4pm.
Then we will examine your application.

We also deeply considered about school meals and came to a conclusion that it is difficult to provide meals while the number of positive cases in Tsukuba is increasing and the risk is getting bigger.
Please bring your own lunch.

Even if you are a member of a children's club, we appreciate it if you remain with your family as long as your situation allows it so that the children's clubs won't be overcrowded.

Also, the children's clubs have limited capacity to accept children safely and we may need to refuse those who are not in the member lists. For the parents who are asked by their employer to go to office even during the school closing period by making use of the children's clubs, we have issued a request letter from the mayor and the superintendent of education addressed to employers asking for permission for you to have holidays.
Please find the letter on the HP above and submit it to your office as needed.

To conclude, we have decided to close schools so that we won't have any positive cases in schools and secure lives of children.
We can get back short-term delay of study but we can never get back someone's life.
By preventing spread of infection, we can prevent collapsing of the medical care system from pandemic, and that will save even adults' lives.

Though we know this measure causes your child and yourself much inconvenience, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Tatsuo Igarashi, Mayor of City of Tsukuba
Mitsuru Morita, Superintendent of Education of City of Tsukuba

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