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Request to Tsukuba Residents from the Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture

April 2, 2020 9:34 PM | Others

Dear English speaking residents, 

Today(April 2), the governor of Ibaraki Prefecture has formally requested to the 9 cities and town* residents in Ibaraki to remain at home this coming weekend all day (April 4 and 5) and all weekday nights (April 2 to 10). 
*Tsukuba, Tsukuba-Mirai, Moriya, Tsuchiura, Ami, Ushiku, Ryugasaki, Toride and Kamisu

In accordance with this request, all City facilities* will be closed.- Weekday night : April 3, April 6 to 10 (after 17:00-)- Weekend: April 4 and 5(all day)*community centers, Tsukuba CapiO, Nova Hall, Public Library and sport facilities. 

 - Weekend consultations at the City Hall will be available for those who are in an emergency.- Submission of the moving-in, moving-out and change-of-address notification will not be available on the weekends. Submission deadlines are now being extended.- If you have "My Number Card", you can apply for resident certificate and some other certificates at convenience stores.

- In line with the governor's request, please do not go to urban areas during this weekend.  

- If you buy more than you need, people cannot get what they need, despite a sufficient food supply. Please don't panic-buy or over-stock up on food and daily essentials at supermarkets or convenience stores.

Once again, we strongly request that you stay home weekday nights (April 2 to 10) and this weekend all day (April 4 and 5), unless you can't make any changes to your schedule. We need your help and cooperation to protect you and your loved ones.

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