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Coronavirus Disease: As of 29 March 2020 [Provisional translation]

April 1, 2020 8:06 PM | 

Coronavirus Disease: Cases in Tsukuba and Ibaraki Prefecture
Newest timeline of the confirmed cases.
(As of 29 March 2020, Ibaraki prefecture)
[Provisional translation]

I. Profile of case #16 in Ibaraki
Age: 40s
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Resident of: Tsukuba
Work place: Seniors home (Arehteru-Tsukuba)
Recent travel history to abroad: None

II. Behavior Tracking
March 24th: Worked, had fever around 37C, cough and discomfort in throat.
25th-26th: Worked over night shift
26th: Fever around 38C, joint and muscle pain.
Visited the doctor. Contacted the Returnee and Contact Consultation Center.
27th: Visited the Consultation Center, her samples were collected for PCR test.
28th: PCR test came out Positive. at the Institute of Public Health facility.

III. Information of the case #16 working facility
* Seniors home is not accepting new facility users for now, and has disinfected the facility.
* Since March 21st, there are no short stay users, but it has been closed since March 28th.
* Also, rehabilitation facility is also closed since March 27th. Addition to it, Home-visit nursing is planned to be cancelled.

IV. Other
* Condition of case #16 is now stable and staying at the designated medical institution.
* Contact investigation is being conducted for her close contacts.

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