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Summary updates of COVID-19: Tsukuba and Ibaraki Prefecture

March 27, 2020 9:37 PM | Others

Announcement from Ibaraki Prefectural Government

- PCR test was conducted to the close contact of case #9 (Male dance teacher in his 40s) and the test turned out to be positive.

- Epidemiological survey is being conducted including identifying close contacts of case #11.

-The Governor requested again people of Ibaraki to refrain from non-essential trips to urban area.

・A female in her 50s who lives in Tsukuba. She is an employee of an association. Close contact of case #9.

・March 7 and 14: Private lesson at the dance studio
・March 18: High body temperature (37 degrees) with malaise and left work early
・March 19 to 23: High body temperature (36 to 37 degrees) , malaise and cough.
・March 24: Periodical health check-up.
・March 26: Close contact of case #9, after symptoms of coughing,Tsukuba Health Office introduced Returnee and Contact Consultation Center and collected her sample.
・March 27: PCR test was conducted at Ibaraki Institute of Public Health. The test turned out to be positive.

・Medical treatment at home from March 19
・Symptom is mild. Scheduled to be hospitalized
・Close contacts are under investigation

・One of the dance school student was a staff of Tsukuba city hall and now is staying at home (self-quarantine) under instruction of the Ibaraki prefectural government. Two citizens who had meeting with this city hall staff are identified. Those three above have been no symptoms

・After identification of close contacts of case #11, PCR test and Behavioral Survey will be conducted.
・The Prefectural Government requested the staff of National Institute of Infectious Disease to investigate close contact of case #9.

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