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Coronavirus Disease: Cases in Tsukuba and Ibaraki Prefecture

March 25, 2020 7:25 PM | Others

Newest timeline of the confirmed cases.
As of 25 March 2020, 10:30am, Ibaraki prefecture[Provisional translation]

-PCR test was conducted to 35 people (including the 27 close contacts of case #5, four hospitalized
 patients, and four patients that were scheduled to be discharged). 

-PCR test came out negative for other than those three patients (case #6, #7 and #8) who were
 announced positive yesterday.

-The Governor considered that there are no possibility of the infection incurred while hospitalized
 at the Tsukuba Memorial Hospital.

-Infection route through case #9 (Male dance teacher in his 40s) is under investigation.

-Both two patients (case #4 who lives in Tsuchiura city, case #10 who lives in Ushiku city) were
 confirmed that they had been traveling to Tokyo. 

-For case #4 in Ibaraki, it was confirmed that the infection incurred while hospitalized at Eiju General
 Hospital located in Taito Ward of Tokyo where case #4 was working. 

-Since the infection route is still able to track, cluster infection is not happening at present. 

-The Governor asked that traveling to urban area or where the infection is now spreading must be
 judged carefully and also requested cooperation to adopt remote work and flex time work.

-The Governor asked those who have returned from overseas to stay at home (self-quarantine for
 two weeks from the date you arrived) and contact Returnee and Contact Consultation Center.

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