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About the Novel Coronavirus(As of Jan. 30)

February 1, 2020 9:15 AM | Others

In December 2019, Pneumonia, caused by the Novel Coronavirus, first occurred in Wuhan, Hubei, China. It has since been reported that several people have been infected in Japan.

At present, in Japan, it has been confirmed that the Pneumonia caused by the Coronavirus can be spread from human to human, but fortunately, it has not reached an epidemic phase yet. Please do not be overly anxious, and work on fundamental prevention methods such as gargling, hand washing with soap and clean water. These are also effective to seasonal flu.(30th January, quote from the announcement from Ministry of health, Labor and Welfare)

About the Novel Coronavirus

How the Coronavirus spreads

     At this point, it is assumed to spread by droplet infection and contagious infection.
    Droplet infection:Infection spread by airborne droplets of secretions from the nose, throat,
                                 or lungs when the infected person coughs or sneezes.
    Contagious infection:Infection spread when droplets from a sneeze or cough or the saliva of
                                       an infected person is transferred to the surface of an object that is touched
                                       by an uninfected person who then touches their mouth or nose.

Incubation period

     At this point, it's uncertain. Based on general coronavirus, it is assumed that the maximum
     incubation period is approximately 14 days.

How to prevent

     Basic hygiene practices are useful in the prevention of the spread of the virus.
     These include:

Washing hands frequently with soap and running water.

     When you touch a doorknob or a strap in the train and other things, around you, the virus could
     transfer to your hands. Washing your hands frequently and carefully with soap and water when you
     get indoors after being outdoors for a time, before and after cooking and before having meals.
     If you are unable to wash your hands, disinfect your hands with sanitizer.
How to wash your Hands

"Cough and sneeze etiquette"

     Please observe "cough and sneeze etiquette" because the virus could be in the droplets of your
     cough or sneeze.
    【Put on your mask properly】
      1 Check the front and back of the mask.
     Please refer to the instructions on the package.
      2 Make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth completely.
      3 Pull the elastic bands around your ears.
      4 Adjust the stiff edge of the mask to fit snugly over your nose.
    【Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue】
    【Cover your mouth and nose with your arm】
    【Move away from the people around you when you cough or sneeze】

Tips for everyday health care.

     Get plenty of sleep and eat well balanced meals to strengthen the immune system.
     Keep the room humid.
     If the air is dry, the defense mechanism in the throat mucous membrane will decrease increasing
     your risk of infection. Use a humidifier to keep the room humidity around 50%-60%

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