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Recruitment of Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) for 2020-2021

November 25, 2019 12:05 AM | Others


This is to announce the recruitment of Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) at elementary schools, junior high schools and compulsory education schools in City of Tsukuba.

Period of assignment

    From April 1st of 2020 to March 31st of 2021

Place of work

    Elementary schools, junior high schools and compulsory
    education schools in Tsukuba City


    ①Overall assistance in English class
    ②Assist teachers who teach English to children and students
    ③Cooperation for children's/students' extracurricular activities such as club activities
    ④Cooperation in making teaching materials and speech contest
    ⑤Assistance of English trainings to teachers who teach English
    ⑥Assistance for returnee students/students who speak English and their parents
    ⑦Provide lecture on international understanding to elementary school students
    ⑧Any other work related with English education

Type of work

    Monday through Friday(except Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays)
    7 hours and 45 minute per day between 8:00am and 5:45pm(includes 1 hour break)
    ※You may required to do overtime work in case the principal deems it to be nessesary


    ①Person whose nationality is other than Japanese and is competent in teaching English for
       elementary school students and junior high school students
       ※Those who became naturalized in Japan are requested to inquire their eligibility before applying.
    ②Academic knowledge equivalent or higher than bachelor's degree
    ③Japanese language proficiency of about N4 (Grade 3) or higher
    ④Having a valid Japanese driver's license issued by a Prefectural Public Safety Commission
    ⑤Being a registered resident of Japan and having a visa with working permission


    ※ Commuting allowance, regional allowance, year-end bonus and overtime allowance will
        also be paid.


    Health insurance, Employees' pension, Employment insurance and Industrial accident insurance


    The application should be written in Japanese by the applicant and should be submitted in-person or
    sent by postal mail to Educational General Affairs Division with documents to be attached,
    at the latest by Friday December 20th, 2019.

Documents to be attached

    ①Copy of both sides of the resident card or other certificate which clearly shows
       the eligibility for residence in Japan
    ②Copy of both sides of the valid driver's license issued in Japan
    ③Copy of certificate of graduation from university/collage

Schedule of the examination

    A written examination and interview will be conducted sometime in the middle of January.
    The detailed schedule will be notified to each applicant.


    Friday December 20th, 2019


    Educational General Affairs Division,Education Bureau, Tsukuba City Hall
    Phone 029−883−1111  Extension 4610, 4611


Application Form(PDF)

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