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<Typhoon No.19 (Hagibis)>About volunteer centers in Ibaraki prefecture

October 15, 2019 1:32 PM | 

【Information about volunteer centers in Ibaraki prefecture】

There are some autonomies which need volunteers in Ibaraki prefecture because of Typhoon No.19 (Hagibis).

So it is recruiting volunteers who can help tiding up. If you would like to do some volunteer activities,please contact with the following volunteer centers directly.

※You cannot necessarily do volunteer activities because of the situatiion after disastar or capacity. So please contact directly with each volunteer center.

Volunteer centers in Ibaraki prefecuture as follows;

▪️ Volunteer center in Mito
Phone number:050-3644-9251
Web page: http://mito-syakyo.or.jp/topics/2272.html

▪️ Volunteer center in Hitachioota
Phone number:0294-87-7474
Web page: http://city.hitachiota.ibaraki.jp/page/page005682.html

▪️ Volunteer center in Hitachinaka
Phone number:080-4754-7690
Web page: https://hitachinaka-syakyo.or.jp/publics/index/109/

▪️ Volunteer center in Hitachioomiya
Phone number:0295-53-1125
Web page: http://hitachiomiya-shakyo.jp/news.php?category=0&code=167

▪️ Volunteer center in Daigomachi
Phone nember:0295-72-2005
Web page: http://daigo-syakyo.jp

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