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What's New ?

<Typhoon No.19 (Hagibis)>Damage Overview by 5:00pm on 14th of Oct

October 12, 2019 5:20 PM | Disaster Prevention

Roads in the listed areas are closed due to flooding and other damages,

- Usui (around Sakasa river)【added】
- Oda(around from Jyoganjisawabashi to Nakasawabashi)

Roads in the following areas are now available
- Prefectural roads (around Mt. Tsukuba)
- Oozone
- Kurihara(around Inuijimahokutoji)
- Oonuki
- Areas around Odabashi
- Tsukuba-Chiyoda line
- city road in Oda area
- kamiyokoba(2 points)
- Kuriharashimotsubo
- Sasagi
- Numata
- Imakashima
- Shimohirooka

* Please do not drive in to the flooded spot, it will damage the engine and could be very dangerouse *

The Miyukigahara Trail Course, one of the trail course of Mt.Tsukuba, is not available because of the fallen tree caused by Typhoon No.19(Hagbis).
(by 10:30, Oct. 13th)

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