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One-day free legal counseling for foreigners (in Tsuchiura)

August 6, 2019 9:04 AM | Consultation Services in Foreign Languages


   At the Consultation Center for Foreign Residents, we offer free legal counseling twice a month at the consultation room of the Ibaraki International Association in Mito City, but for those who cannot travel far, we sometimes hold this counseling outside Mito.

   This time, we will hold a legal consultation for foreigners in the City of Tsuchiura. Get legal advice on how to solve problems that may require advanced legal knowledge.
   This has been made possible with the help of Ibaraki Bar Association.

Date and time

    September 1 (Sunday) 10:00 to 15:00
    (entry by 14:30)


     Tsuchiura City Hall Main Office Building 2F, Seminar Room 1 & 2
    (9-1 Yamato-cho, Tsuchiura)


    ※This session is available only on September 1 (Sunday).

Topics you can consult

    visa, work, marriage, tax, insurance, life in general
    ※You can talk with lawyer through an interpreter, free of charge. Your secret will be kept.

Languages you can consult in

    Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai, Tagalog, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese


    Ibaraki International Association Foreign Consultation Center
    Sponsored by Ibaraki International Association, City of Tsuchiura
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