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Tsukuba Chibikko Hakase (little doctor) 2019

July 19, 2019 1:51 PM | Sightseeing / Events

Saturday, July 20 - Saturday, August 31

○ Join a stamp rally with a specially made passport and visit and experience exhibits and events at Tsukuba's research institutes!
○ Collect stamps as many as possible and become "the excellent Tsukuba Chibiko Hakase"!!
○ Become a Tsukuba Chibikko Hakase and receive a memento!!!
○ The best Tsukuba Chibiko Hakase gets a certificate!!!!

★ The best Chibiko Hakase
 (More than 18 stamps and an essay of approx. 400 characters)
★ Excellent Chibikko Hakase (10 or more stamps)
★ Excellent Chibikko Hakase (5 or more stamps)

Passports and flyers are available for pick-up at the following places (distributed from Friday, July 5):

1) Tsukuba City Hall/ 1F General Information Center
2) Oho Madoguchi center
3) Toyosato Madoguchi center
4) Yatabe community center
5) Sakura Madoguchi center
6) Tsukuba community center
7) Kukizaki madoguchi center
8) Toyosato Yukari No Mori insect museum
9) Tsukuba Information Center Lounge / Tourist Information Center (Bivi 1F)
10) Tsukuba General Information Center, Exchange Salon (Bivi Tsukuba 2F)
11) Civic activity center (Tsukuba center building 1F)

※ Facilities 1), 4), 6), 8), 9), 10) and 11) are open on Saturdays and Sundays.Facility 8 is closed on Mondays.

★ Elementary and junior high school students across the country
※ Infants can not be certified because they are not eligible.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Designated tour facilities
★ 40 facilities (tentative)
As the open day varies depending on the facility, please refer to "Tsukuba Chibikko Hakase Passport" or flyer for more information.

★ Free (some facilities with charges) ※ There are facilities with admission fee applicable to guardians.

★ The stamp is valid only once per facility.
★ Passport(s) need to be submitted to the secretariat by Wednesday, September 25, which will be returned after the review and together with the certificate in January 2020.
★ Depending on the contents of your passport, certification might not be provided.

[Inquiry] Secretariat of Tsukuba Chibikko Hakase, Education and Guidance Division, Education Bureau, City of Tsukuba
TEL 029-883-1111 (switchboard) Extension 4721

List of Facilities for Chibikko Hakase Programme.pdf

Programme Details per facilities.pdf

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