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Invitation to Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018

June 29, 2018 3:00 PM | Sightseeing / Events


"The 4th Tsukuba Media Art Festival" is held this year aiming at disseminating cultural information peculiar to Science City Tsukuba"

At this event, an experience type programme is planned for the deeper understanding of the media art.

The workshop this time is by a performance group "GRINDER-MAN".

At the experience type programme "HERO HEROINE", the original pose photographed at the studio-set is changed to Hero/Heroin in the screen image.

The GRINDER-MAN, who creates physical expression on "Now, Here" throughout the direction and posture design. This is a unique opportunity to get advice on the posing directly by the members!
We look forward to your application.

※Please refer to the link below for the details of Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018.
Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018


    29 July 2018 (Sunday)
    ※For about 1 hour/event
    ※Admission starts 30 minutes before each event.


    ARS Hall (2nd Floor, Tsukuba Art Museum, 2-8 Azuma, Tsukuba City)


    "I will become Hero/Heroine! ! !"
    A workshop to enjoy more the experience type of work "HERO HEROIN" by the performance group GRINDER MAN. The original pose photographed at the studio-set will be changed to Hero/Heroin in the screen image. Changing to what depends on the pose. Let us jump over the TV!


    Application should be between 1 July 2018 (Sunday) and 14 July 2018 (Saturday)
    ※On First Come First Served basis
    ※Please note that it may take sometime to respond to your emale.


    Please write "Name" "Age" "Phone Number" "Time you prefer" and
    send an email to Art and Culture Division(ctz032@city.tsukuba.lg.jp)




    Free of Charge

Number of participants

    30 persons/event

Eligible persons

    Elementary school children and older
    ※Elementary school children should be accompanied by a guardian. (Please apply separately)
    ※Event and animation film produced are shown publicly at the main festival and through internet.


    Art and Culture Division

            GRINDER-MAN official Home Page(Outside Link/Japanese/English)
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Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018 leaflet(PDF 1.8MB)

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