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31 May is the World-No Tobacco Day.

May 30, 2018 12:23 PM | Living

禁煙ロゴ.pngMany blessings from giving up smoking; Real feeling of "relief and satisfaction"!!

As soon as you give up smoking, you will really feel various effects.
[good] Your family and other persons around you will have no risk of passive smoking.
[good] After several days, sense of taste and smell will become sharp, and foods will become tasty.
[good] The body damaged by tobacco will gradually become healthy.

An example of the merit!禁煙イラスト・png

Saving money by giving up smoking will result in the increase in the deposit of \160,000 per year! (¥440/box/day)

If you wish to give up smoking・・・Some advices to give up smoking are as follows:
[flair] Change the life pattern which is linked with tobacco.
 (Example) Stop smoking habitually practicing as the first thing every morning,
                   refrain from drinking coffee and alcoholic beverage,
                   avoid occasions(gathering for drinking etc.) where you will be tempted to smoking.
[flair] Avert the desire for smoking by other doings to substitute smoking.
  (Example) Take cold water, ice, hot tea etc.;
                   Have sea tangle or chew gum;
                   Brush teeth;
                   Do physical exercises, walking etc.

[flair] "Outpatients for giving up smoking" will help you give up smoking.
Those who are diagnosed as a nicotine dependent by a medical doctor are treated under health insurance at hospitals. Even if the health insurance is not applicable, medical treatment can be received at the patient's own expense.

Please give up smoking decisively once you wished to do so!
To gradually decrease the number of tobacco is not effective.

Consultation with a doctor is strongly advised!

The hospitals that can use insurance for smoking cessation treatment in Tsukuba city

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