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Mt.Tsukuba Ume Festival Now Open

February 15, 2018 11:48 AM | Sightseeing / Events

Mt. Tsukuba Ume Festival (Plum Blossom Festival) is held at the Mt. Tsukuba Plum Grove (Tsukuba-san Bairin) in February - March. It is one of the four major annual festivals in Tsukuba together with Tsukuba Festival (May), Matsuri Tsukuba (August)and Tsukuba Monogatari (October). About 1000 plum trees provide splendid scenes of red and white blossoms at all viewing points. Various historical and cultural events are also held to welcome many visitors especially foreigners. Visitors can also enjoy the magnificent panorama of Mt. Fuji - Tokyo Sky Tree - Tsukuba Science City.

【Dates】 From 14 February to 21 March (Wed, public holiday)

【Main Events】Ume Tea Service, Mt. Tsukuba's famous Gama no Abura Uri Kojyo demonstration, Market with local products, Outdoor events by Forest Adventure Tsukuba (admission fee required), and Open-air Tea Ceremony (admission fee required, every Sunday during the Festival).

【Shuttle Bus】
Between Bairin Entrance and Municipal parking lot 1 or the Tsukuba-san Shrine Iriguchi. A vehicle is in operation within the Festival grounds for handicapped visitors.

Tsukuba-san Shuttle Bus: 40 minutes from TX Tsukuba station to Tsukuba-san Shrine Iriguchi (Fee: 720 yen for junior high school students or above, 360 yen for elementary school students, free for
those below). Walk for 5 minutes from Tsukuba-san Shrine Iriguchi to the entrance of Bairin
Parking fee: standard vehicle (500 yen)

【Contact】Tourism Division 

Ume Festival Map 2018.pdf

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