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PREPARE for evacuation notice

October 22, 2017 9:56 PM | Disaster Prevention Living

Any Tsukuba City citizen who lives at the following area, "Prepare for evacuation" notice has been set out.
Prepare your valuables and clothes to be able to spend a night or two at the evacuation centers JUST IN CASE they announce an evacuation notice.

Usui area
Kunimatsu area
Yamaguchi area
Kowada area
Numata area
Kangori area
Tsukuba area
Hirasawa area
[new] Sakae area
[new] Yokomachi area
[new] Kurihara area
[new] Shouei area
[new] Matsuzuka area
[new] Kamizakai area
[new] Ueno area
[new] Oo area
[new] Nakane area

New added evacuation center is Sakura junior high school.

And again this is NOT an evacuation notice.

This is a notice to PREPARE for an evacuation.

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