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2017/07/18 Health Services for Foreigners in Tsukuba @University of Tsukuba

On July 18th, 2017 we held a Special Information Seminar at University of Tsukuba.
It was Hosted by Division of Student Exchange, Department of Student Affairs
and Co-Hosted by Global Commons and Cecilia's Friends
In cooperation with University Health Center

Through this special seminar for international students and their families, representatives from health-related offices of Tsukuba City Hall and from the University Health Center will explain what health and medical services Tsukuba City provides to its residents and how foreigners can avail of them.

Attached are the information provided by the City hall,

[flair]Presentation .pdf

[flair]We send Medical Interpreters.pdf
Application Form for Hospitals.pdf

[flair]Refund of Medical Treatment Expences Outside of Japan.pdf

[flair]Hospitals available in Foreign Languages in Tsukuba.pdf

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