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Important Notices About Child Allowance

June 10, 2016 11:59 AM | Child-raising Notifications and Procedures

For those who need to complete the updating procedure, a Registration Update Form (genkyo todoke 現況届) will be sent in mid-June to verify their eligibility for Child Allowance from the next allowance payment in October. To be eligible for Child Allowance (also for marufuku and daycare center fee), you are required to submit a final income tax return for the income from January to December 2015, that is, to complete kakutei shinkoku procedure) , whether or not you have income, at Tax Collection Division on the 2nd Floor of City Hall. When you receive the notice, (1)make sure you complete the kakutei shinkoku procedure first, (2)fill out the necessary parts on the form and submit it along with the required documents (3)within the submission period.
2016 Registration Update Form for Child Allowance.pdf

If you were not a resident of Tsukuba City on January 1, 2016, but lived in another city in Japan, please get an income certificate that indicates the gross annual income amount from January to December 2015 (shotoku shomei-sho所得証明書) from the local office of the city where you lived. If you were not registered as a resident of any city in Japan on January 1, 2016, neither kakutei shinkoku nor an income certificate is required.

-A copy of the recipient's health insurance card
If you are a member of Employee's health insurance, please attach a copy of the health insurance card of the recipient on the form.
-A copy of the child's residence certificate
If your child does not live in Tsukuba but you (the recipient) live in Tsukuba, please get a residence certificate of the child, and submit it along with the Registration Update Form.
-The original of the income certificate (those who lived in another city in Japan on January 1, 2016)

City Hall accepts the Registration Update Form during the following period:
June 13-24 (weekdays): City Hall, 2nd Floor, Disaster Prevention Meeting Room 3
9:00 am-5:00 pm
Sat. June 25 & Sun. June 26: Child Services Division Counter (1st Floor)
9:00 am-5:00 pm
June 27 - July 1: Child Services Division Counter (1st Floor)
8:30 am-5:15 pm

If you cannot visit City Hall to submit the document in person within the above period, you can mail it using the envelope that is enclosed with the Registration Update Form. Please make sure you put an 82 yen postage stamp and put your name and address on the back.
Submitting via postal mail.pdf

*The allowance for June to September will be paid in October. However, if you fail to submit sufficient required documents within the submission period, the next payment may be delayed.

The next Child Allowance payment (payment up to May, 2016) is scheduled on Friday, June 10. The payment notice will be sent just before the payment day. For children who were in the third year of junior high school in the 2015 school year (April, 2015 to March, 2016), the payment up to March will be made.

Tsukuba City Child Allowance is for those who are raising children in Japan. If your child is not in Japan but you are still receiving the allowance, you must cancel the registration and stop receiving the allowance.

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