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High School Student Scholarship for School Year 2016-2017

April 15, 2016 11:06 AM | Child-raising Living

Tsukuba City offers Scholarship to high school students who have financial difficulty attending school.

Applicants must fulfill the criteria written below.
1. Student must be currently attending a high school (kōtō gakkō), upper secondary school (chūtō kyōiku gakkō, kōki-katei) or technical college (kōtō senmon gakkō).
2. The period of attending the school must have not exceeded the minimum years of schooling.
Note: 4 years for Part-Time Programme and Correspondent Course
3. Student and his/her financial supporter must be registered on Basic Residence Record.
4. Student has financial difficulty for attending school but does not receive Welfare (seikatsu-hogo).
5. Student must; have high morals, have achieved a good academic record and be ambitious.
6. Student must not be receiving other scholarship(s) or have no plan to receive any.

Number of Scholarship Student: A few
Scholarship Amount: 6,000 yen/month
Offering Period: April, 2016-March, 2017 (Scholarship will be paid in July, November and March for four months each)
Required Document:
1) Application Form 奨学金支給申請書(shōgaku-kin shikyū shinsei-sho)
2) Transcript 成績証明書(seiseki shōmei-sho)
3) Residence Certificate (Records of all family members needed)
4) Income Certificate (Income of 2015) 28年度所得証明書(平成27年分)28-nendo shotoku shōmei-sho

Forms of 1) and 2) are available by downloading:
Application Form for High School Student Scholarship

Application: Submit the documents 1), 2) and 3) before Thursday, April 28, and 4) before Wednesday, June 15 via mail or in person.

Scholarship recipients will be selected by Scholarship Student Selection Committee. The result will be informed via mail.

Questions and applications are accepted by Educational General Affairs Division

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