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Grill Your Own Senbei!

August 26, 2015 3:23 PM | Sightseeing / Events

Have you tried senbei? There is often a long shelf for senbei in Japanese super market. Yes, it is one of most popular Japanese snacks, rice cracker. Today, we introduce you a senbei shop called "Senbei Café, Nissho-an", where you can grill your own senbei. What is Café with Japanese rice crackers? Doesn't it sound interesting? Inside the café is displayed with antiques and furniture that the owner carefully collected.

Here's how you grill your senbei.
When charcoal in the hibachi is ready, you begin grilling senbeis. Keep your eyes on your senbeis. In 1to 2 minutes, your senbeis are ready to eat. Do you want them plain? Or pour little bit of shoyu?
日升庵 火鉢.jpg

Turn your eyes to the interior of the café. The lighting and displays make a good atmosphere. But look carefully, there are old-style Japanese school desks and chairs! The room at the end of the corridor is Japanese tatami room. Small children are also welcome!
日升庵 インテリア.jpg

The photo shows two types of Ume extract, in green and red boxes, called "Hitachino-Ume", which are very precious these days due to its decreased production rate. Beside them are "Miyoko no Shichimi" Japanese powdered chili peppers in which Tsukuba's specialty fruit Fukure Mikan orange peels are mixed in, soy source and other collections of seasonings are sold.
日升庵 梅エキス.jpg

The owner of the café, Mr. Nobori says that senbei is a perfect snack that is excellently preservable, Japanese traditional food and what you can produce with ingredients produced all in Ibaraki. He hopes that visitors and customers will have a good time in this café displayed with good-old-day things on the mountain side of Tsukuba and they will meet something new or other visitors to Mt. Tsukuba. He says smiling with zeal that he wants to put out more information on Ibaraki's tasty foods and tourist information.

Hours: 10:00-18:00

Closed on Wednesday
Grill-Your-Own Senbei
5 senbeis: 900 yen
8 senbeis: 1,200 yen
Grill-Your-Own Senbei +dip/topping
8 senbeis: 1,400 yen
Location: 1221-3, Tsukuba, Tsukuba City 300-4352
Phone: 029-875-8821
Access: 40-minute ride on Mt. Tsukuba Shuttle Bus from Tsukuba Station. Get off at Tsukuba-san Jinja Iriguchi (Entrance of Tsukuba-san Shrine) and walk for 1 minute. Or 30-minute drive from Tsuchiura-Kita IC of Joban Expressway. Parking space for one car is available next to the café building.

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