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New Penalty for Cyclists' Traffic Violations

June 16, 2015 9:01 AM | Living

If repeat hazardous behaviors while riding a bicycle, you will have to take a training course as a penalty.

Cyclists' traffic offences subject to the course include:
-Failing to stop at a red traffic light
-Failing to stop at a 'stop' sign
-Dangerous riding (using an umbrella, listening to music on earphones while riding etc.)
-Riding a bicycle without a break lever

If you cause bicycle accidents or get violation tickets by police officers twice or more within three years, you must take a compulsory three-hour awareness training course (course fee is \5,700). If you don't obey the order to take the course, you must pay a fine up to \50,000.

Keep the Cyclists' Five Rules!
1. Keep on a road, not on a sidewalk.
When a sidewalk and a road are distinctly separated, you must ride on a road. You can ride on a sidewalk only in exceptional cases.
2. Keep left
Keep as close to the left as practicable on a road.
3. Give way to Pedestrians
When you need to go on a sidewalk, keep in mind that pedestrians have the priority. Go as slow as possible so that you can stop anytime needed. Cyclists must not block pedestrians but stop and give way to them.
4. Keep the Safety Rules
Drunk-cycling, riding with a passenger on a bicycle and riding with more than two riders side by side are banned.
5. Children must Wear a Helmet
Parents and guardians should have their children wear bicycle a helmet when they ride a bicycle.

Please contact Ibaraki Police Department for more details on the regulations and the training course.

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