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New Tsukuba Collection

March 18, 2015 10:00 AM | Living

つくばコレクション ロゴ.gif

Tsukuba City selects the most excellent processed foods produced in Tsukuba. The latest contest was held on January 15 and selected four products newly as Tsukuba Collection and five were re-selected. Here are those tasty products. Why don't you try them and bring them as good souvenirs from Tsukuba?
つくば米シフォン.png 福来氷 名前つき.png

福来ぽんず 名前付き.png 男女川 名前付き.png

筑波山の梅酒.png 天宝喜みそ.png

つくば豚アイスバイン.png つくばの茶摘っ娘.png

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