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Subsidies for Influenza and Chickenpox Vaccinations for Children

October 14, 2014 11:42 AM | Child-raising Notifications and Procedures

Subsidies for influenza and chickenpox vaccination for children started on October 1. Notice is already sent to those who are eligible to receive the subsidies. Here is what is written in the notice.

Chickenpox vaccination became routine immunization from October 1, 2014. The subsidy covers the whole cost for the vaccination within the designated ages below. Call your doctor and make an appointment before you go. Bring your child's Mother and Child Health Handbook (boshi techo) for the vaccination.

Age and Frequency of Vaccination:
(a) From Age 1 to under Age 3 (twice)
(b) From Age 3 to under Age 5 (once) *Special measure only for 2015

Please note that the frequency varies according to weather a child has been contracted chickenpox or received vaccination before.

Pediatric Influenza
Pediatric Influenza vaccinations will be subsidized from October 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

(a)From Age 1 to under Age 13
(b)From Age 13 to 3rd Year of Junior High School (*to those who were born on and before April 1, 2000)

Amount of Subsidy:
\1,000 per dose (\3,000 per dose for those who receive the welfare. Present your Certificate of Welfare (seikatsu hogo jukyu-sha sho) at the reception of a medical institute, if applicable.) You can receive one time subsidy for those are in the age range of (a) and twice for those in (b).
Please note that vaccination fee varies according to medical institutions. You will need to pay the rest of the fee after subsidized. If you wish to receive vaccinations other than the designated institutions, you will not be able be subsidized.

What to bring when you take your child to vaccinations:
Mother and Child Health Handbook, money, Certificate of Welfare (seikatsu hogo jukyu-sha sho) (if applicable)

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