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Search for a doctor

This website allows you to search for doctors (medical institutions) in Ibaraki prefecture who speak foreign languages.

Search for a doctor


In case of sudden illness and serious injuries

Call the ambulance


Please look at the monthly multilingual newsletters for the list of hospitals/clinics open on Sundays and Holidays.

Multilingual Newsletters

Search for Emergency Medical Institutions

Ibaraki Emergency Medical Information Control Center (Ibaraki Kyukyu Iryo Joho Control Center)


24 hours, 365 days

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In case your child becomes ill on Sundays/Holidays or at night

Ibaraki Children Emergency Hotline (Ibaraki Kodomo Kyukyu Denwa Sodan)

#8000 (for touch-tone phones, mobile phones)

029-254-9900 (for all phones)

Nighttime (Mon-Sun) 18:30-23:30

Daytime on Sundays/Holidays 9:00-17:00 (Sun, Holidays, Dec.29-Jan.3)

Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital


Nighttime (Mon-Sun) 18:00-22:00
Daytime on Sundays/Holidays 9:00-17:00 (Reception 8:30-21:30)


Language support

Free volunteer translator is available to support those who cannot speak Japanese.

*Only at designated hospitals. Advanced reservation is required through hospitals to use this service.

Tsukuba International Association


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Medical Handbook

Medical Handbook provides basic phrases and useful expressions you can use at the hospital. You can explain your symptoms or answer basic questions simply by pointing at the phrases and expressions on the handbook. The handbook is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese and etc. You may download the handbook from the homepage.

Ibaraki International Association


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