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Children's Services Department

City Hall 1F, No.1~3
Mon-Fri 8:30-17:15
Sat, Sun, Holidays, Dec.29-Jan.3
Child allowance・Child rearing allowance
Day-care center・Temporary day-care service
Children's halls・Children's Clubs
Platform System for Childcare

Child allowance


Those who reside in Japan who is raising child(ren) 15 and under. (Until the first March 31st after the child's 15th birthday.)

Required documents

  • Both parents' passports (in case they were out of Japan on last January 1st)
  • Health insurance card of the recipient (not necessary if enrolled in Japanese National Health Insurance)
  • Bank book of the recipient

※In case some documents are lacking, they can be additionally submitted after application is made first within 15 days.

Amount of the allowance

  • Under 3 years old ... 15,000 yen per child per month
  • From 3 up to graduating elementary school ... 10,000 yen per child (15,000 yen from the 3rd child)
  • Junior high school students ... 10,000 yen per child per month

※If the income exceeds the limitation, 5,000 yen per child


You must apply within 15 days after child's birth or moving into the city.

※In case you are leaving Japan, please notify at least 1 month before your leave. Also, if you are terminating your bank account, please notify at least 1 month before termination.


Child rearing allowance


Those who are registered as resident in Tsukuba, that raises a child who fall under any of the following conditions.

  • Child whose parents are divorced
  • Child whose father or mother is deceased
  • Child whose father or mother has some sort of disability
  • Child whose father or mother is missing (unclear whether he/she is dead or alive)
  • Child who is abandoned by the father for more than a year
  • Child who is restrained by the father for more than a year
  • Child whose mother is a single mother
  • Child whose situation of how the mother conceived the child is not clear

Application procedures to receive allowance

You must submit an application for certification if eligible. You must attach a copy of the family register to the application, but the other required documents differ among the recipient's condition, so please contact the Children Services Division.
The allowance will be paid from the next month of application. Please note that even if you are eligible, you would not be able to receive allowance if you do not apply.

Amount of the allowance

  • Full payment
    If there is

    1 child ... 41,430 yen per month

    2 children ... 46,430 yen

    3 children ... 49,430 yen

    *Add 3,000 yen for each additional child after the 3rd child.

  • Partial payment
    9,780~41,420 yen per month depending on the income.


Attending a day-care center

Day-care centers provide childcare services for parents/guardians who are unable to take care of their children due to work, illness, or other reasons.


You may apply as needed. Please submit the application form by the 8th of the previous month of your desired month of entry. "Guidance to attend the day-care center" and "Application form to attend the day-care center" is available at each service counters, day-care centers and Children Services Division at Tsukuba City Hall. To enter in April of the next fiscal year, the city will set the application period to receive the applications at once because of the large number of applications. The information will be provided on the city newsletters, homepage etc. in fall.
Please note that in some cases, the applicant may not be able to send the child to their desired day-care center if the number of applicants exceeds the quota. Moreover, application may be denied due to not meeting the admission criteria.

Where to apply

Please submit the application form to the Children Services Division (Tsukuba City Hall 1F).

Day-care fees

The fee will be decided according to the total amount of the annual income and the income tax of the previous year.


Temporary day-care service

Pre-school age infants who do not attend any day-care centers may receive temporary day-care services when their parents/guardians cannot take care of them due to injuries and diseases, disasters, accidents, ceremonial functions, and other personal reasons. Please apply directly to the facilities.


Children older than 1 to pre-school age who live in the city.


Children's halls

Children's hall

Children's hall is a play space for all children from the region, and is also a place to get together for child raising group activities. Children under 18 and children accompanied by their parents/guardians may make free use of the facility.


Please apply directly at the children's hall.


Free of charge.


Children's Clubs

Children's Club (club for after school activities for children)

It is open to 1st to 6th grade elementary school students whose parents are not home after school from working etc.

Days and Hours

Weekdays (*only when children have school): after school~18:00
Spring, summer and winter vacations: 8:30~18:00
*Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and year-end and New Year's holidays


Required documents are available at Children Services Division, Children's halls and Children's centers

※There will be applicant screening, but if the number of the applicants exceeds the quota, you may not be able to attend the club.


4,000 yen per child per month (increase by 2,000 yen per child). Registration is necessary as a club member. Exemption system is available to households that qualify the conditions below.

  1. Households receiving public assistance for livelihood
  2. Households whose municipal tax is non-taxable


General Childcare Support Center

This Center is a place for pre-school children play freely and also for their parents to meet other parents. It is free of charge.


Kosodate Navi (Childcare support information)

You can find information about child raising in the below website. (Provided in Japanese, English, simplified/traditional Chinese and Korean)

Lists of day-care centers, temporary day care service facilities, children's halls, children's clubs are also provided.

Kosodate Navi (Childcare support information)