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My Tsukuba City


December 12, 2016 3:26 PM

by Zhang Qian

 When you fall in love in a town, it's instant. That's what Tsukuba City taught me. I came to Japan to study two years ago, but I am already well accustomed to the life here. I live here and am deeply in love with this city.
 Tsukuba City is very clean and highly developed. Just around Tsukuba Center/Station are Seibu Department Store, shopping centers, supermarkets, cultural centers, a library, parks....everything you need for your everyday life. Tsukuba's transportation is convenient too. If you get on Tsukuba Express, or TX, you can reach bustling Akihabara, Tokyo only in 45 minutes at the shortest. Many buses depart from Tsukuba Center; not to mention, to Tokyo Station, but you can go to Haneda Airport, Narita Airport and Ibaraki Airport. It's helpful for tourists. On top of that, there are buses bound for an outlet mall and Tokyo Disneyland. Quick and convenient! Tsukuba's public transit take you to all directions.
 Tsukuba has rich nature. If you walk through the city, you will notice that there are lots of greens and you can smell scents of leaves. In spring, the city will be covered by pink colours of cherry blossoms. In autumn, ginkgo leaves make the golden sea. From the outskirts, you can see the majestic Mount Tsukuba, which impresses you. In hiking seasons, not only Tsukuba citizens but "hiking mania" from neighbourhood prefectures visit Tsukuba to enjoy the view of the mountain.
 Tsukuba is an international city. Walking in the town, I meet many different peoples. It can be taken for granted that Tsukuba is a popular town among tourists. But it is not. Foreigners here are students, researchers and others from all over the world. They, who add different colours to the city's demography. There are many international events in the city such as Sri Lanka Fair and Taiwan Week. Participating in those events and taking a close contact to their cultures, Tsukuba citizens' international understandings develop.
 Tsukuba is a city of culture and science. You can call it Japanese Silicon Valley. Many research institutes and high level researchers are here. Even research outcomes which attribute to Nobel prizes have been produced here. JAXA opens its doors to the public. Visits and hands-on experiences there can help you to get familiar with science and learn more. Not only general hospitals like Tsukuba University Hospital but highly specialized clinics are here and they provide convenient health care services to citizens.
 Tsukuba is a goulmets' town. Do you know that there are many ramen noodle shops and bakeries that gain scores in Tabe-Log site? There are always long lines in front of popular ramen shops. To eat delicious ramen, you need to wait for at least 30 minutes. Furthermore, most of my favourite bakeries are fancy. To get fresh delicious breads and pastries, you need a quick decision and movement inside the shop. How happy I am to savour soft and sweet pastries with a cup of coffee in the quiet afternoon. You can also try many different exotic foods in Tsukuba. Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russia, Brazil....your gustation will surely improve.
 So have you found Tsukuba City attractive? Come, live and fall in love in Tsukuba. Why not? 無題3333.png 無題2222.png 無題1111.png   

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