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A place that gently wraps a tired foreign student

June 22, 2016 5:16 PM

Rossin Cecillia Angelica

It has been two years since I came to Japan. The first year I lived in Osaka, and came to Tsukuba in April last year in order to study in Tsukuba University. To me, if Osaka is a lively and bright as the neon lights in the New York City night sky, Tsukuba is gentle and quiet, where the time passes sweetly at the banks of a river on a summer night.

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There are many places where I love in Tsukuba, but one of my absolute favorites is the Starbucks inside the lobby of the Central Library at Tsukuba University. Daily many students and teachers come there to chat with friends, try out the new products, and prepare themselves for the long battle with the report in the library with a cup of coffee. Those people are from all over the world, and they sit in those chairs with the same expression on their face, it doesn't matter their race, nationality or sex. The expression that shows they want to just, slow down the fast pace of their busy days, breathe. Then get up for another busy time.

Tsukuba University is a place where they accept students from all around the world. They teach us the language and what it means to be a Japanese, and provides us with a high level education. However, sooner or later we get tired of using a language other than out mother tongue all day. When that happens, I run into the Starbucks in the library. Not for advertising reasons such as "because the coffee is good", but to see the people who stand behind the counter. I do not know if they know I go there because of this reason, but they always smile, always ask something about myself, and that is when my stress goes a little bit away.


I really love the city of Tsukuba. There are many wonderful places such as Tsukuba Center and Mount Tsukuba. However for me, when I am sitting there looking out at the campus and its people, I realize how much I love a place that gently wraps a tired foreign student.

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