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June 19, 2015 9:28 AM


 Five years have passed since I moved to Tsukuba. To be honest, for someone who have spent his/her whole life living in cities like me, my first impression of Tsukuba is 'what a countryside!'. However, the longer I live in Tsukuba, the more I realize the charm of this place. Going to Tsukuba Centre and Kenkyugakuen, you can have a glaze of the urban side of Tsukuba being a developed city. On the other hand, if you walk around University of Tsukuba, you can enjoy the beauty of nature which symbolizes the rural side of this city. Therefore, Tsukuba is really a rurban (rural + urban) area as written in the advertising slogan. I would like to make use of this opportunity to introduce 'Tsukuba Botanical Garden', a place where you can fully enjoy the nature and a place where I choose to my leisure time.
 For a photo-lover like me, Tsukuba Botanical Garden is a great sightseeing spot. At first, I went to take a look just because I can get in for free by showing the student card of University of Tsukuba. But once I got in, I was amused by how big the botanical garden is that I already got tired when I finished exploring just half of the whole botanical garden. Furthermore, as eye-catching plants changes according to four season, it is definitely a place where you can discover new things whenever you pay a visit throughout the year.
 Special events are also held nearly on a monthly basis. Among all the events that I have participated, the one that I have gone annually for 3 years is the 'Mushroom Exhibition'. The exhibition includes mushrooms from enoki, shimeji and eryngii which we are familiar with, to those with beautiful colours and strange shapes that we will not normally see in our daily lives. All mushrooms are marked clearly whether they are eatable or poison. During the period of exhibition, not only we can see a large collection of mushroom, we can also enjoy soup and hamburgers made with mushrooms that are sold inside the botanical garden.
 Furthermore, the 2nd Saturday of each month is the 'carving day' which you can have an opportunity to handicraft your own art piece with materials collected inside the botanical garden. For example, making postcards and bookmarks with pressed flowers and leaves and making art piece with nuts and acorns.
 Information such as details of special events and eye-catching plants of each week are posted on the homepage of Tsukuba Botanical Garden. For those who are interested, please check the homepage for more detail information. Please go and pay a visit to this interesting and beautiful botanical garden.



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