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April 27, 2015 1:23 PM

 It has been already over one year and four months since I came to Japan. I didn't even notice that more than a year has passed because the life in Tsukuba is so exciting every day. "Time flies!" I thought. For a girl from the opposite side of the earth, Tsukuba is a tremendously nice city and very comfortable to live in. That is because Tsukuba is not too busy like Tokyo but a town where you can feel peace of countryside. However, you can say, it is a convenient town for you can go to Tokyo in 45 minutes by TX.

 The important standard when I say a town is so nice city is whether it has enough nature. In terms of that, Tsukuba is blessed with nature. Tsukuba City has Mount Tsukuba not far from the city centre. I have been to Mount Tsukuba by bike many times in the 16 months. How wonderful it is to do exercise enjoying the views of rice fields and so on that I cannot see in my home country Brazil. You can also enjoy the four seasons. As you can see in the photos, I enjoyed the snow in the winter, ume [Japanese plum] blossoms and cherry blossoms in the spring, the heat of the summer and beautiful clolouring of leaves in the autumn. Other than these, the best feature of the town is that there are many nice big parks in the town here and there. I went to those parks for picnic with my friends and played many kinds of games there and those times became my precious memories that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I think Tsukuba has a good environment for making new friends easily. The city is known for its large population of foreigners. Like I said before, it is a tranquil town. These two points can make it easy for you to make friends. I made many more friends of both Japanese and people with different nationalities than I could had imagined before I came to Japan. Through experiences of communicating with them, I got more opportunities to get to know different cultures and my view to the world has changed. I think my way of communicating with people has changed and my language ability has improved. Not only my Japanese but English and Spanish are improving gradually. The interesting thing is that understanding of my mother tongue (Portuguese) is enhanced by speaking other languages. Tsukuba City is an ideal city for studying-quiet enough to concentrate on research. Now you see how much I love this city, which is peaceful, full of nature and the best place for making friends and studying.


Jaqueline Fukushi

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