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Tsukuba and the World

December 10, 2014 1:54 PM

When you love a town, it means that you love the people of the town.
It will be two years since I came to Tsukuba soon. I met many people here and I have many memories.
Tsukuba City is very comfortable to live and it is a town of nature and science. But what I am impressed by above all is its internationalism. Here, you can meet people from countries that you may not be able to meet anywhere else in Japan. Tsukuba is called as an international city. As its name suggests, people from all over the world live here. According to the record of 2013, there were about 2,000 oversea students in University of Tsukuba. Also, as here are many scientific research centers, there are many foreign scholars and scientists. If you just walk in the town, you will bump into people with different skin colours talking and joking on the streets.

Tsukuba City encourages communications for languages and cultures exchanges with foreigners and so the international atmosphere which cannot be compared with other places rises. We have events to learn and enjoy foreign languages and cultures almost every day here, such as 'city chat café and the Chinese language class where I have taught many times and we have a student club called 'Omochi Language Club'in University of Tsukuba where you can learn any languages in the world. We communicate like this and become friends so now the world is closer to you. You can call Tsukuba a little global village.

I have attended many events for Chinese and Japanese or international cultural exchanges since I came to Tsukuba. In the Chinese language club in the university, not only with Japanese but I became friends with students from Australia and Brazil. Many friends of mine participate in clubs of the university and others are interested in Japanese traditional things such as shamisen.

I enjoyed Matsuri Tsukuba a lot this summer. I met many people from different countries during the festival. You could eat all varieties of authentic ethnic food such as Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and so many more. I saw all happy faces that are enjoying the festival. I will never forget the faces of a foreign family enjoying standing in front of me when I was watching the parades. You cannot see scenes like this anywhere else. Not only cultural events like this, Tsukuba City provides convenient services for foreigners. For example, there are consultation services for foreigners or volunteer interpreting services in hospitals.
So, we, foreigners, can live peacefully.

Tsukuba is not a big city but you can eat many kinds of ethnic foods and meet friends from all over the world. It has not yet been two years since I came here but I am already in love with Tsukuba. I am sure that it is the Tsukuba's attracting point that foreigners can live here so comfortably.

What I am in love now are the people in Tsukuba and the city of Tsukuba where you can feel the world.

Shan Liang

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