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Imagine the future

March 3, 2014 5:00 PM

In 2013, University of Tsukuba designed a unique logo with two sets of numbers for their anniversary of the establishment. The orange-coloured number "40" expresses the 40th anniversary of the university and the grey coloured "110" expresses 110 years of the history of Tokyo University of Education, the precursor of University of Tsukuba. Like the university expresses its history this way, we, students from all over the world, are building up our little histories every day.

2013 is my second year in Tsukuba. Everyday from morning to late at night, I am busy studying and devoting myself to books in the library. Crawling out of the bed, I manage myself to the bottle of vitamin B and swallowed it down with coffee every morning. My room is filled with the scent of them. In my bag are books with long titles. I rush to the bus stop counting up how many minutes I have till the bus arrives. On the bus, I check my paper for presentation on the day or I just gaze vacantly outside the window of the running bus. Sometimes I meet a classmate who is going to attend the same class and grin at each other finding dark rings under our eyes with fatigue.

Imagine the future

This is my life. Maybe many of young students who studied in Tsukuba have similar experiences. Everyday, we are struggling with presentations and piles of papers. We may have lots of pressure but because we go forward step by step, I assume our future is promised. I see the shades of the trees on Kaede Street and hear the sound of the water from Ishi-no Hiroba Square in the university. Everything in Tsukuba is proof of our growth. At the moment when the sky is brushed with the colour of lapis lazuli, Tsukuba Centre turns bright with the illumination. Our future is like the twinkling lights of Japanese zelkova trees in the square.
"Imagine the future"


April is the time to say good bye. The cherry trees alongside the pavement of Oikoshi dormitory will blossom as they do every spring. The days in Tsukuba may be going to be just a part of their past, but I believe that anywhere in the world you will be, if you remember yourself challenging here, you can overcome any kinds of difficulties. The sweat of our brow will lighten our ways forever like the glorious moonlight that I saw shining on Toyo Bridge outside of the library in one midnight.


Sun Siqi

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