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"Konnichiwa" on Mt.Tsukuba

February 21, 2014 2:08 PM


Sometimes, my friends and family visit me in Japan from my country Korea. They always ask me this question. "What is in Tsukuba? Where is good for sightseeing?" Then I always answered like this. "Well...how about Mt.Tsukuba?" And I always added giggling, "But I've never been there though!"

But the day has come at last. Usually, I curl up like a cat during the winter, but on that day, I don't know why, I felt like climbing up Mt.Tsukuba. So, I invited a friend of mine and we started to the mountains. We met at Tsukuba Center and got on the bus to Mt.Tsukuba. The bus ran for about 40 minutes on Higashi Odori Street. There are various climbing courses but we chose a little bit hard one, "Shirakumo bashi bridge course" because we thought if we reached to the top, we would be motivated for our researches at the university. We headed for the top of Nyotai-san. The course begins at the back of Tsukuba-san Shrine and just keeps climbing up the steep. It was little hard for the two girls who were lack of exercise.


As we started climbing around at two in the afternoon, it seemed there were only us who were going up. People were coming down. We exchanged hello to each other. I think there is no other day as many "Konnichiwa" as that day I said in my life. In my home country, Korea, we exchange our hellos when climbing mountains too, but I had no experience saying hello to all the people you met like this, so I was so surprised. But it was good for us whose legs were getting weak because it encouraged us a lot. Every time someone comes down, we thought "Oh, there's someone coming down again! We need to say "Konnichiwa" again! Come on myself!"

After a hundred of "Konnichiwa", we at last reached to the top. Though I could not go closer to the cliff of the peak because I am afraid of height, the view of Kanto Plain from the top of Nyotai-san was truly magnificent. Maybe I will climb up Mt.Tsukuba again when I need to motivate myself to continue the research or want to say "Konnichiwa" to someone.


Yujin Kim

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