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My precious thing in Tsukuba

December 24, 2013 3:38 PM


It happened last summer when my two cousins and uncle visited me from Costa Rica. They were so excited to come to Japan but one of my cousins left his wallet in the bus on their arrival. What were in his wallet? They were his credit card, ID and cash.....about 140,000 yen! He was, of course, in a panic and was told off by his elder sister. His father had a bad nosebleed because of stress. Everybody was stressed out by the big accident. But I was not. Why? ....It's because it happened in Tsukuba.


Next day, we went to Tsukuba station and found his wallet in a paper bag and nothing was gone. My cousin was so impressed by this and he went everywhere with his wallet in the paper bag during his stay in Japan. "Is Tsukuba a typical Japanese town?" he asked me. "No, it's not. It's a rare town" I answered.


I have been so many places in Japan for my research but I have never seen a town like Tsukuba. When you think of Tsukuba, you may say it has cutting-edge technologies or have an image of an international city. Generally speaking, it may be anunnatural, unfriendly and busy town. In fact, it is full of green, so you can enjoy the seasonal scenery. The time goes slowly in Tsukuba and people here are relaxed. So am I and are my friends. My friends in Tsukuba always help me when I need help and so do I to them. You cannot help others so if you are fully stressed. I think you can see this kind of relationship of mutual trust in everybody in Tsukuba. So, the miracle of getting back my cousin's wallet was natural thing in Tsukuba. It was a proof that all the citizens in Tsukuba are honest. The bus driver, the clerk and my friend who is helping me to write this essay are good examples.


This town is filled with all those kind people. I have lived in Tsukuba for two years for my research, but what I have learned in Tsukuba is more precious thing than things on research. That is kindness of people.

Thank you Tsukuba! I want to pass your kindness to the people in Costa Rica.

Imme Arce

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