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Developing City, Tsukuba

November 28, 2013 2:10 PM

It was February 2002 when I first came to Tsukuba. At that time, there wasn't Tsukuba Expressway yet. I still remember that I managed to reach Tsukuba Center and tried to find the hotel I reserved but it was even difficult to find somebody to show me the way.

Tsukuba is perfectly in harmony with science and nature. It has many research and educational institutes such as University of Tsukuba and JAXA. It is also the center for scientific research with about 200,000 researchers. It is the best environment for research. It has a lot of green and many parks. Especially "pedestrian decks", the walkways are wonderful for jogging. The walkway leads to Doho Park which is beautiful, so I often visited.
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Also, Tsukuba is developing itself year by year. When I came back to Japan after the three years of the military service in my home country Korea, I was so surprised to see the changes of the town. First of all, Tsukuba Express opened and the access to Tokyo dramatically got better. I felt the city's development following it. More shopping malls opened. There built more and more new streets and houses.

Above all, the biggest change is that more foreigners come from all over the world than before. Of course, there used to be many foreigners even before TX, but University of Tsukuba receives more oversea students year by year, also the research institutes is getting more internationalized. You can meet foreigners from various countries if you walk in the town and the campus of the university. You don't need to go out of Japan to meet people from different countries but just stay in Tsukuba and you can communicate with them. I think it is one of the big attractive points of Tsukuba.
Tsukuba is a rare city as a local town in Japan because the population is increasing. Also, the population of foreigners is increasing. I would like to keep on living here where is becoming more comfortable to live in and developing as a city where you can interact with people from many different countries.

Koh Byunguk

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