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My lovely city - Tsukuba

September 30, 2013 2:57 PM

My lovely city - Tsukuba
After graduation of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in 2011, I applied to Tsukuba University for my Master Degree. Currently, I study at Special Program for Central Asian Countries of Tsukuba University. From the first days of my arrival to Tsukuba City, I received warm welcome and assistance wherever I went. Tsukuba is a "Science City", where most of the educational institutions and research centers are situated. It aims at supporting of human resource development by providing with wide range of facilities. The city is comfortable not only for research purpose but also for living and enjoying the nature. The every season in Tsukuba is gorgeous, which gives the full of positive emotions and motivation to develop. Especially, the period of Sakura blossom is wonderful, which symbolize the renewal and beauty. I have to say that the environment and the facilities of Tsukuba City contributed to the successful completion of my research work by expanding a strong concentration and also motivation for further development.
Besides, there are many festivals and holidays held in the city with participation of various nationalities. The foreign residents, who want to learn more about Japanese culture and lifestyle, can enjoy every event and friendly atmosphere of Tsukuba City. In addition, for the people who are interested about foreign culture and cuisine, various opportunities are also provided. For instance, during the festivals, each nationality can represent their own cuisines so everybody can try and enjoy. Such kinds of events display the friendly atmosphere of Tsukuba City and its effort on the building of mutual understanding among the different nationalities.
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My interest toward Japanese culture has begun when I was in my country and I always wanted to try Japanese traditional dress "Kimono" or "Yukata". During the festivals and "Hanabi" (firework festival), I came across that Japanese girls usually wear yukatas. So at Tsukuba City Festival of this year, I also wore yukata for the first time and enjoyed the festival very much.
Tsukuba is an amazing place for enjoying the nature, friendly atmosphere and carrying out of your research and studies. So I would like to recommend for the people who would like to enjoy the nature, friendly atmosphere, the City of Tsukuba is the most suitable place. And for the people who aim on personal and academic development, Tsukuba City provides you with wide range of opportunities.
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Yulduz Tangirberdiyeva

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