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Tsukuba, my love

July 8, 2013 4:59 PM

Life is full of unknown things and coincidence. You never know what will happen in the next moment in your journey of your life. Four years ago, I never expected to come back to Japan, get to know Tsukuba or fall in love with it deeply.

One cold day of autumn four years ago, I came to this country of cherry blossom from overseas with a reluctant heart of leaving my country and an excitement for the future. When I arrived at Tsukuba Center by the limousine, it was already evening. Vehicles and passers were coming and going. They were glowing in the setting sun. They looked calm and gentle.

The most impressive thing about Tsukuba is its mildness and its lush greenery. I was born and raised up in the south part of China and, for seven years, I lived in the City of Hangzhou, which is a scenic spot and is called 'Paradise on earth'. So, greenery is never new to me and I don't get surprised but I was attracted by the brilliant beauty of the greenery in Tsukuba City and the campus of University of Tsukuba and it took my breath away. Everywhere, there is greenery. Here and there. It smells good, is unique, natural and never secular. I was fascinated by it. If you compare Tokyo to a passionate, active city girl, Tsukuba is like a cute quiet girl in your neighbourhood. This girl refreshes your mind.

Tsukuba is a peaceful and fashionable city and also it is full of energy. Many people say that Tsukuba is a fashionable city. From my point of view, Tsukuba is fashionable and vigorous because the city is young and there are many scientific facilities and bakeries. Tsukuba will become 50 years old this year. And it is called 'a town of bakeries'. Also, it is a think tank. There are more than 70 major research institutes, so it is called 'Japanese Silicon Valley'. It is said that 1 in 31has PH.D.

Someone making effort for his/her dream is beautiful. I am one of them and my life as a student in Tsukuba is not easy but busy. However, I feel comfortable and happy here. It must be the happiest and beautiful thing to make your dream come true being honest with your heart and setting yourself calmly in the rich nature away from the hustle and bustle of urban cities.

International Exchange Coordinator Xu wei jie

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